Gypsy Magic Cherie Deville Natalia Queen Jessie Saint

Nov 26, 2020
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BY : Gawp

It’s continuously been a dream of Cherie Deville’s to have two developed girls to cherish in a way a mother never ought to. To assist her make this dream a reality, Cherie goes to a fortune teller to see in the event that it’s in her future. The fortune teller some way or another as of now knows Cherie’s title, and she moreover knows that she isn’t fair here to urge her fortune told. Cherie’s dazed that she knows so much about her but goes with it since she’s decided to form her dream come true. Not knowing how much to pay, Cherie keeps putting cash within the fortune teller's hand until she at last grabs it absent. In return, she gives Cherie a bottle of elixir and tells her to drink it and all of her dreams and wants will come true. The fortune teller cautions her that she must hold up until her step-daughters are of age to perfect her desire or there will be major results. Cherie downs the bottle and after that heads domestic to rest. As she rests, Cherie dreams of instructing her step-daughters how to put on make-up and celebratin